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Traditional terracotta tiles

Tradizionale - Il cotto fatto con passione


Terracotta made with passion

The smoothing of our hand-made traditional terracotta

The smoothing is a particular method used for terracotta floor tiles that shapes them in order to make them smooth and polished. The smoothing gives an elegant and refined effect suitable for any environment. With this treatment it is easier to clean the floor, that’s why it is particularly indicated for the interiors.

Sanded floors in terracotta

What advantages can be obtained by sanding a floor ? With this type of working we smooth out the irregularities of the tile and its roughness . This surgery can be done on every single brick before it is cooked or when the tile is already installed on the floor, and gives an aged, worn by time effect, making it highly suitable for the restoration of houses and historic country houses.

The floor with rustic tiles

The rustic tiled floors (or damp) are realized in a natural way (without any particular treatment such as glazing, polishing or sanding). The hand-made terracotta rustic tiles are particularly suitable for outdoor as well as for traditional masonry.