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Bricks and handmade terracotta tiles ready for delivery

Bricks and handcrafted terracotta tiles ready for delivery

In addition to providing terracotta bricks made specifically for each project, the Palmucci Furnace provides ready-to-deliver materials of standard dimensions (as per the Formats section), so as to quickly cover any immediate needs for high quality products in the field. building.

Having available products ready for delivery allows:

– save time at the time of purchase, because it is sufficient to pack and ship the requested material, without the need to create the products;

– be able to freely choose the amount of material needed, without having to adhere to a minimum quantity of pieces for the order;

– save on the final price.

We guarantee to the handmade terracotta products in prompt delivery the same artisan realization process of the productions made ad hoc on the customer’s needs.

The materials ready for delivery are:
– 15x30x2,5 tile for floors and attics,
– floor tile 20x20x2,5 square, 30x30x2,8 square
– hexagonal tiles in traditional colors,
– Steps, skirting boards and facing bricks of different sizes.

Contact us for quantities available.