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Gallery | What we’ve done… so far

Gallery of works in Cotto by the Palmucci furnace

The Palmucci company has been producing terracotta products made entirely by hand for decades, combining characteristics of excellence to form objects and products that are unique in their kind.
Each element created is unique, with its own slight micro-dents and micro-blisters, a perfect amalgam of Central Italian clays selected for the physical and chemical qualities that make them optimal both indoors and outdoors, and perfectly moldable and customizable.

Mastri Fornaciai make terracotta works both for private individuals and public bodies; custodians of an ancient wisdom that is handed down from generation to generation, take care of selecting materials compatible with existing ones to achieve perfect renovations in the style of the original work, as well as the creation of handmade products from scratch, to meet all the customer needs.

Here are some of the terracotta works carried out by Fornace Enrico Palmucci:

Gallery of Antico Restauro floor works

Gallery of Traditional floor works