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The Antico Restauro line

The Antico Restauro line

What is the Antico Restauro line and why was it created?

It is an exclusive and prestigious line of antique terracotta tiles made entirely by hand following traditional procedures that recreate the surfaces of antique and recovered terracotta, obtained by speeding up the natural aging process of the material through special techniques and processes.

We created Antico Restauro because the aspiration of a craftsman is always evolving while maintaining his passion and offering innovative products. Ancient restoration was a challenge, it was to create a product of ancient origins keeping the same culture of the past, to have immediately an antique terracotta floor without waiting for hundreds of years the effect produced by the passage of time.

When you buy Antico Restauro floors or other terracotta elements of the same line, buy thousands of hours of tests and experiments to achieve perfection, purchase the attention to detail, the wisdom of our Mastro Fornaciai. Antico Restauro is distinguishing itself from the others, it is creating a unique product of its kind, it is giving to your home, your own studio, your buildings an ancient, refined, elegant taste.

Antico Antico Antico cotto is also the answer to those looking for large quantities of recovered terracotta for renovations, a material often not easily recoverable, with the added advantage of having products of the same caliber and thickness.

How does the Antico Restauro handmade terracotta line differ from the Classic terracotta product line?

The classic line includes all our bricks production, for different uses:
formats for floors, steps, skirting boards, wall coverings, masonry bricks, pool edges, sidewalk edges, wall coverings, column coverings, window sills, thresholds, frames, barbicans, roofing, tables, enamelled etc …

In this line we have all the finishes of traditional floors: rustic rough surface, sanded worn surface, smoothed smooth surface, hand-formed part manate. All can be made in 7 colors, including traditional ones. Light shade, pink and red and contemporaries: gray, black and chocolate white.

Furthermore, in this line we can also produce pieces specifically tailored to the customer.

The Antico Restauro line, on the other hand, is the most exclusive and prestigious and includes especially the sizes for floors and bricks. Available in 7 colors: traditional, light pink and red and in contemporary colors white, gray, black and chocolate.

The most innovative colors are the contemporaries, white, gray, black and chocolate, with the possibility of combinations of both formats (read more in the following links the formats Antico Restauro) and colors together, which combined with this ancient surface, make this product unique in its kind and of great prestige.

Why choose the Antico Restoration line created by the Palmucci furnace instead of the recovery terracotta as a floor restoration tile?

The Antico Antico Restoration has important advantages that make it the recommended use to replace that of the recovery brick. Considering that from the visual point of view there are no differences between the recovered terracotta and the Antico Restoration line, here are the advantages of the handmade terracotta tiles from the Antico Restauro della Fornace Palmucci line:

  • it is not to be selected as recovery terracotta,
  • has the same thicknesses and measures,
  • it can be produced in unlimited quantities, it is optimal even if the elements need replacing;
  • it is not to be destroyed by any paint and lime,
  • It is available in the desired colors,
  • it is convenient on an economic level, compared to recovered terracotta.

The Antico Restoration line was created to be used above all in the recovery of living contexts of the past. The exclusive workmanship, perfected over years of passionate studies and secret procedures, generates an irregular shape and a surface that seems to have been sculpted by time. The signs and footprints of which it is disseminated communicate the feeling of running, walking, playing on a floor full of history and details to be discovered.

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