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Terracotta Antico Restauro

The beauty of recovered terracotta, the practicality of new and customizable terracotta: Cotto Antico Restauro

The exclusive and prestigious Cotto Antico Restauro line recreates exactly the surface of the antique and recovered terracotta floor.

Antico Restauro was created to be used for the restoration of missing parts of old floors or for renovating old houses, for the recovery of the building heritage of both farmhouses and ancient floors with a high historical and cultural value.

Its characteristics are made up of surfaces that seem naturally aged, irregular edges, evident sensation of realization with artisanal methods.

The cotto Antico Restoration, as well as the other products of Fronace Palmucci, is a material of choice for bio-architecture, because it is totally natural and environmentally friendly.

Choosing Ancient restoration means relying on a product that guarantees:

  • wide variety of formats;
  • unlimited quantities – useful for those who have to restore large surfaces and do not have enough recovery tiles available;
  • availability of colors;
  • possibility to mix different colors;
  • identical thickness for an optimization of shutter speeds;
  • it is not to be selected as the real recovery brick;
  • economic saving.

The traditional colors are: light shade, rosé and red. To these we have added other contemporary colors: white, gray and black, all natural, without the addition of chemical additives and the chocolate color. For a customized project, in the treatment of stain-proofing, in addition to neutral shades, you can obtain shades in leather or red, light or dark toners to the customer’s taste.

Antico restauro