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The terracotta products of Enrico Palmucci's furnace

The products of our production marry very well with all styles: classic, rustic and modern, finding applications in both indoors and outdoors, in new buildings but also in renovation of both modern and rustic. Our production covers all areas: from floors, walls and bricks, to roofs, stairs and pencils, up to our special fittings and finishing that are used for the ornament of homes and gardens.

The hand-made terracotta, for an over-time lasting tradition.

When we speak about original and traditional terracotta, reference is strictly made to hand-finished bricks and tiles, which require a particular treatment and an high degree of craftsmanship. The history of building has very ancient origins which date back to the time of the Phoenicians, and if once terracotta was the key to create a perfect blend of harmony and stability, today this artifact is, by definition, the symbol of ecology due to its environmental impact equal to zero.

With its unique style, we find terracotta tile even in castles and ancient houses built with solid and durable materials. Currently, terracotta bricks are used for many solutions: not only for their legendary durability, but also for their elegance and the sophisticated effect that they offer.

With their geometric shapes they are perfectly suitable for all sorts of styles and for any living environment, both indoors and outdoor, and the specific treatments make them suitable for the hectic life that everyday life actually imposes. The artisan has a basic role, making the brick suitable for any requirement and studying position, hue, and absorption capacity.

Terracotta is customizable in many shapes and geometrical drawings

When you go to people who have done a passionated lifestyle of their work, you can be sure of getting the best product for customize the chosen environment, because even the dough will be customized accordingly to the taste of the customer.

The various formats can be chosen from the catalogue but can also be requested in special shapes and formats, because they have to be adapted to all kind of solution, such as columns, arches or load bearing (and not just paving!). In baked brick we find the four main elements of nature: clay, water, air and fire. The clay is kneaded with a simple element such as water, dried at the air and, finally, made strong by fire. The result is a natural and biological terracotta brick, able to enhance even modest living contexts.

Beauty is certainly a strong point for a terracotta brick, but it is the personalized treatment that gives the desired consistency to the product and allows it to withstand the assaults of time. Beauty and practicality must go hand in hand, because if once the terracotta bricks were considered a characteristic of poor building, today has a fundamental value both in ancient and modern environments and latest designs.