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Terracotta skirting in the Enrico Palmucci furnace

The baseboards of Enrico Palmucci, like all the other items proposed by the company, allow you to choose between natural products, totally handmade, but at the same time innovative and high quality.

The production of skirting boards and products by Enrico Palmucci
Enrico Palmucci’s products are versatile, ecological and refined.
The wide range of realizations and colors allows any customer to find the ideal skirting for the requirements both for interiors and exteriors, both for stairs and for particular contexts.

The simplicity, beauty and solidity of the materials used by Enrico Palmucci allow to finish with exclusivity and taste the most classic floors and the most essential and modern, thanks to ancient processes able to complete different living styles.
Enrico Palmucci offers a wide catalog of skirting boards to complete floors, plinths, stairs and exteriors.

The standard measures proposed by the company for both the inside and outside are three: 8x30x1.5 cm, 10x30x1.5 cm and 12x30x1.5 cm, while the shaped skirting boards are available in the version 13x30x 1.8 / 4


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Processing of handmade terracotta skirting boards

The work can be customized with any color even on stairs and external perimeters. The skirting boards made by Enrico Palmucci may be the right detail in case of renovations and new buildings.

The quality and simplicity of the lines and materials makes these finishes ideal for linear and modern settings as well as for rustic or classic rooms. Enrico Palmucci skirting boards are the ideal solution, as well as for the home, also for outdoor realizations.

Emilio Palmucci is a leading company and its products are synonymous with quality and expertise in construction, thanks to decades of experience in the industry and the use of high quality raw materials for the realization of the same.

Choosing a baseboard Enrico Palmucci means choosing a special product, aesthetically beautiful and qualitatively durable over time, for the finishing and the plinth of the floor.

Match skirting and terracotta floors

Matching the terracotta skirting to the same type of floor is absolutely possible at the Palmucci Furnace, which produces handmade terracotta articles made to measure, to meet every need: this is why it is for those who choose a cotto for modern environments and for those who choose tradition can combine a versatile terracotta baseboard.

The skirting boards of the Fornace Palmucci, like all the rest of the production are created starting exclusively from clay and water, helping to increase the charm of a traditional floor or cotto Antico Restauro.

The skirting board is clearly adapted to the type of floor: it can be smooth, or with edging or toothing.
To the form, we must then combine the right processing: in this case, we are talking about those of traditional terracotta, with its warm and welcoming colors and, generally, the demand for antiqued surfaces.

Of course, the treatments applied to the floor are also applied to the handmade terracotta skirting boards to make the appearance of the artifacts uniform. All work and finishes can be performed in any color, even on climbs.