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Certified artigianal cotto: gelivity certification

The Fornace Enrico Palmucci has always produced handmade terracotta tiles made to resist both the stress of an interior floor and the weather, outside. The main test to be overcome for a terracotta element produced according to traditional methodology is that of resistance to frost, otherwise called a gelitious test.

When the material turns out not to freeze, it means that it has passed the tests very well, resisting extreme stresses related to the temperature change: the tests are in fact carried forward inflicting on the material a thermal excursion of about 45 ° Celsius.
Below, the certification of anti-free terracotta for the handmade terracotta furnace Enrico Palmucci.

This clearly shows the quality of the raw material used and the attention paid to all phases of terracotta processing, which, step by step, becomes a safe product suitable for both interiors and exteriors.

High quality Palmucci cotto certified thanks to gelivity certification