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Rustic terracotta

What is rustic terracotta: all the information

The cotto is rustic, with a rough surface, without any additional work. In fact, raw terracotta is nothing more than natural handmade terracotta, without any additional processing, which is maintained just as it comes out of the molds and ovens.

Particularly used for outdoor flooring because it is anti-slip, the raw terracotta Palmucci has the certifications for the tests of freezing, certified by the Geotec laboratory of Siena.

The rustic surface can be slightly worked, on request, to give different effects and to make the washing of the floor easy and smooth.
When and in what contexts is hand-made terracotta with a rustic finish used?

Widely used in construction, natural terracotta finds ample space in renovations or where the taste for ancient atmospheres is preferred. Recalling the idea of ​​rusticity and naturalness to the mind and the senses, raw terracotta is also configured as an excellent replacement material where recovered terracotta turns out to be too expensive an alternative.

The hand-made rough terracotta, of more or less fine grain, is extremely appreciated both for its aesthetic qualities and in the construction of the “new”, in which it is used as a building material or for external wall claddings, attics, chimneys and external columns.

The cotto with raw processing – or, better, with non-processing – is among other things the most organic product that can exist in the constructive field, because only clay, water and fire contribute to its formation. This is also the reason why lately it is experiencing a new golden age thanks to green building.