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The finishings of handmade terracotta: here are the features that characterize the surface of the bricks

The finishes of handmade terracotta are none other than the results of the processing of surfaces that contribute, together with the color, to determine the final appearance of each brick. The Enrico Palmucci Furnace offers different finishes for terracotta floors and other artefacts. The finishes are nothing but the “face” of the final product, the feature that is seen and appreciated before, and the one that allows you to choose one type of furniture instead of another, or that makes the product suitable for a rustic environment instead that to an elegant one.

The finishes of the terracotta (also called textures), however, do not have exclusively aesthetic functions: on the functional level, in fact, they also impact on the sliding resistance and also determine the ease of cleaning.

The texture of the surface of each piece in terracotta, especially if we talk about terracotta elements for handmade floors, is the result of a series of actions that took place on the single piece, at the moment of the mixture, of the creation of the shape in the mold, in the pose or even after the laying itself. These processes – which may also not take place, in the case where we speak of a rough piece, and therefore of substantially unprocessed terracotta – determine the final texture.

The Enrico Palmucci Furnace offers different finishes for different effects, which make the products suitable for any environment. The cotto finishes offered by master kilnsmen are:

Below are some links in which I brought to deepen the characteristics of each work

Shaped by hand

Antico restauro