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Smoothed terracotta

The smoothed terracotta, to facilitate cleaning and to have excellent floors

The polished cotto is different from the sanded cotto: although the actions taken in the field are the same – so we talk about the use of abrasive machinery or sandpaper to smooth the surfaces – with the sanding you intend to exert a greater abrasive force on the individual pieces in terracotta , until you get completely smooth pieces.

Smooth terracotta is often found in noble houses, and is used in constructions since 1500. It represents an excellent compromise between the quality of hand-made terracotta and the practicality of the management and cleaning of such a product.

A point in favor of polished terracotta is represented by the fact of bringing out – thanks to the work of deep abrasion – all the colors that are enclosed in the heart of the handmade terracotta product, giving voice to the most hidden shades and colors; this means that, for example, a hand-polished terracotta floor will never be “cold”, because each tile will have different shades.

The product is used for interiors, and mainly on the ground: for outdoor floors it is strongly discouraged because it would be too slippery.

Smoothed cotto