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Antico Restauro floors

Cotto fatto a mano



The Antico Restauro line edited by Enrico Palmucci furnace

Antico Restauro, a passion that defies the time, for a never-ending adventure.

In his search for perfection, man has always turned for inspiration to the art and beauty of the past. Antic Restauro exploits the pure and natural elements of earth and is dedicated to those who love things of the past and for whom simplicity is synonymous with refinement.

The hand-made work of Antico Restauro terracottas

Antico Restauro is a line created for use in recovery contexts of life in the past. The unique manufacturing technique, perfected in years of impassioned studies and secret procedures, results in an irregular form and smooth surface that seems to have been sculpted by time. The marks and impressions scattered here and there impart a feeling that the floor underfoot is imbued with a story of its own, just waiting to be discovered.

Use of Antico Restauro terracotta

Antico Restauro is the ideal solution for integrating missing portions of antique structures or reconstructing old farm houses, as well as giving that inimitable touch to the interiors of contemporary homes. The irregular aspect and the myriad of color finishings give the surface the charm of the past, respecting the requisite of daily living, ease of maintenance and preservation…that make Palmucci floors such a pleasant experience.