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Glazed tiles


The handmade enamel terracotta by the Enrico Palmucci furnace

La Fornace Palmucci offers high quality products and made by hand: among the variety of products we can also include tiles, frames and decorations with handmade glazed terracotta.
The possibilities applied by transparent glass coatings to real enamels. The transparent glass coatings are particularly indicated in artistic ceramics, the glass coating is applied (which can be defined as regards the lights and the vibrations of the color); white enamels (which are always opaque glass coatings), on the other hand, are stronger than a consistent covering power of the support which does not allow the color of the underlying support to shine through.

Miscellaneous glazed tiles

La Fornace Palmucci therefore offers a wide variety of glazed terracotta products and is able to produce sketches, drawings and decorations provided by the customer in any color.

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