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finitura levigato


Fotografia di barbacane "classico" per camini in cotto

barbican 69x14x5,5 cm


barbican with beak and lid

The Barbican in handmade terracotta

The Venetian traditional architecture used the Barbican to increase the living space without reducing the pedestrian traffic.
Usually made of wood or stone, it allowed the first floor of the building to be larger than the street below.

Fireplace as the main use of Barbican…but not only

Its shape and its function is revived in fireplaces architecture: with various shapes and sizes, it supports the fireplacechimney or the eaves, and, why not, it can be used as shelf bracket.

Their shape directly derives from the old Venetian barbicans while the material is terracotta, a material that we are used to work and shape with passion.
A fireplace enriched with barbicans will be an exciting fireplace even when turned off, because it will transmit the softness and the warmth of ancient taste.

Aesthetic and uses of Palmucci’s Barbicans

In the catalog there are different sizes, colors and finishes to suit the different aesthetic and design needs. Used as shelf bracket, it will donate charm and importance to the surrounding ambience. The combination of terracott and wood is always pleasant to admire not only in country location, but also in the recovery of ancient materials.

Palmucci’s barbicans add beauty to your fireplace and respect the parameters of ecological design, in fact, they are completely environmentally friendly.
Add a touch of class and harmony to your fireplace through the our terracotta Barbicans, the result will surprise you!